John Stuart Leslie, landscape designer

John Stuart Leslie holds a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from California Polytechnic University Pomona, an Arizona Landscape Contractors license, and has been designing and building landscapes since 1998.

Early in his career, he was an environmental land use consultant specializing in coastal development in California.

You will work directly with me one on one in a manner that educates and informs. My listening skills are refined and so you will not find me talking the entire time during our meetings. It's your home, your yard and your needs and desires that I must cultivate in order to achieve a thoughtful design.

I consider myself to be a designer who happens to be a contractor, not the other way around. Do I have a particular style or design approach? Not really. I will let the photos on this website address that issue. My attempt however is to blend stone, water, fire, plants
and sculptural elements into designs that evoke a sense of serenity, liveliness and beauty. Balance is the key to good design.

My deeper interest in gardens, nature and design is something I feel more about a garden rather than seeing it. I also use “Feng Shui” where appropriate. For clients that want a more spiritual focused design or space such as meditation garden, labyrinth or healing garden I can provide gardens that become "sacred gardens".

A vast majority of the landscapes I create are conventional and functional -- meeting the needs of the client for the budget they have to work with. So when I get a client that wants to do something out of the box, then I get to show my true colors.

My real estate background gives me a better understanding of the meaning of "curb appeal" as I work often with Realtors who always want to know how to improve a property but "not spend alot of money". There are ways to improve value in an affordable manner.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions area where I try to answer most of the typical concerns and thoughts people have about hiring a professional for design and landscaping.


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