Belgard Pavers Arbel


Arbel masterfully captures the elegant appearance of natural stone. Available in a range of earthen color blends, it features an irregular base shape, with an expansive array of unique textures and patterns that mimic actual flagstone. All of these elements combine beautifully for a soft, natural look that will please eyes and impress visitors for many years to come.



Arbel stone is smaller in scale to the Mega Arbel stones. There are three different stones with false joints built in so that when they are fitted together, the resulting surface appears to be carefully fitted cut stones, mimicing flagstone or other flat surfaced stone. Sand fills the actual joints and the false joints to give the detailed natural appearance. 

 Arbel stone Belgard pavers by JSL Exteriors in Sedona

Colors Available

Mohave color option Arbel stone Belgard pavers

Mohave Blend 

Sierra blend color option Arbel stone Belgard pavers

Sierra Blend 

Toscana color option Arbel stone Belgard pavers

Toscana Blend 


Arbel stone Belgard pavers

Regular Arbel stone is 10" x 14" while the Mega Arbel is 15" x 20" 




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