Do You Need a Design?

In most cases, yes. Not only to visually display what goes where on the property, but to accurately determine the areas for patios, plants and other items that need to be costed out. Whether a fee will be charged is based on the level of service you need as determined during a site visit. 


Concept Draw Sample Plan 


JSL Landscape Design Services

All drawings are created using AutoCAD software



The process begins with an initial on site meeting to discuss the design criteria, your needs and wants and walk around the property. This initial meeting is complimentary and allows me to get a feel for the site and how complex and time consuming the design solutions may take. This meeting allows me to determine the scope of the design and what the design fee will be. A design proposal is then prepared and either presented at that time or emailed for client review.


If the client accepts the proposal, I then visit the site again to take measurements, pick up any available plans and take pictures of the property. The next meeting is the presentation of the preliminary plan.


  Below is an example of a preliminary landscape plan







 Below is a sample "preliminary plan"




After the revisions are incorporated into the plan, the final plan is prepared and includes all the hardscape items, planting plan showing types, sizes and location of plants, lighting plan and any other notes and specifications as the plan dictates. There may be more than one sheet to the set of plans depending on the level of detail required and the need for permits or Homeowner Association approvals.


 master plan sample



I can work with homeowners who live out of state and have a second home in Sedona. We can work through the design process remotely without you having to be in Sedona all the time. We can even use a webinar service where I can share my screen and discuss the project over Google Talk or Skype.

Here is a sample (click on link) of a preliminary plan presentation that was made online.


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