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 Sacred Geometry found in nature
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Conventional gardens are often used strictly as functional, yet aesthetic creations, but can lack 
symbolic meaning that makes them so special.

Gardens can be magical places if designed with the right ingredients. One of which is the Spiritual  component that can be accessed by anyone.  Gardens can also renew your Soul . When gardens are designed with deeper meaning and when one experiences the garden as an introspective space, gardens become Sacred  spaces.


Great Gardens Have Great Design 

What makes a great garden so visually captivating is the thought that went into the design. When you look beyond just the abundance of colorful flowers that catches your eye or a piece of garden art strategically placed when just the right proportion so that it looks like it "belongs" there -- you will see the designer's hand at work.

A good design can also reflect the personality or the values of the owner/designer. The lifestyle of "health and sustainability" is one the conscious consumer's values.  This type of person identifies with green living -- not only for the environment, but for their mind, body & spiritual well being. A person's garden, whatever form that may be, is a reflection of their mind, body & spiritual condition. Living greener grows your soul.

Labyrinth Gardens

   A labyrinth is a circular ancient symbol that relates to the wholeness of one. The circular shape and its pathways combine to form a metaphor for life’s journey -- a path of life on a single continuum. A Labyrinth is a perfect component for a sacred garden, as it is interactive. We can walk it. We meander along its circuitous path. Changing directions back and forth, spiraling towards the center. As we walk, contemplating our life, our thoughts go within, just as the path is leading to the center. Read more.... 

What defines a Sacred Garden?

A Sacred garden can be any space that has special meaning to you. It may be a spot where you did something memorable, such as performing a ceremony. It could be a spot that you go to for inspiration. It could be a place in your garden that is where the wildlife congregate and surround you with support. It is also an area that has a special feeling to it -- that is distinct from other areas nearby -- something about the space that you can feel in your soul.  Read more....

Nature provides a key.

The elements of nature whether they be fire, water, earth, metal, air, or wood come in many forms. The exotic patterns found in flowers and certain creatures can be none other than miraculous. How can nature design such patterns? How can a Sea Horse look like a piece of seaweed?

Or the ripples of a pebble tossed into a pond creating a perfect pattern of concentric circles that reminds us of something larger than the pond. Waves are like thoughts emanating from our minds. If only our thoughts could be as peaceful as the perfection of the ripples on a pond.

Garden statuary reminds us of what the statue symbolizes and what is important in our lives.

The Amitaba Stupa in Sedona Arizona 


Placing sculptures, statues and other manmade objects in the garden serve to manifest the essence of what that object symbolizes. It could also evoke a special meaning that is unique to you. Placing a Buddha in a Sacred garden could be for the purpose of reminding us to be compassionate, or to be kind, or to further the illumination of our souls and the souls of others we meet.

The use of appropriate statuary or garden art enhances the sacred feelings of a garden space by adding manmade elements that add visual focal points and centers for contemplation.



Some aspects of design are self explanatory. The intended effect of a design idea can be discussed, but sometimes cannot be put down on paper. The quality of beauty cannot be obtained given step by step instructions.

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