RainXchange Rainwater Harvesting System     

Rainwater harvesting and catchment systems don't have to be ugly. Capture ALL the rain underground using these modular systems that hide the storage underground and deliver it to a decorative waterfeature, fountain or your irrigation system. Why hire a plumber or an engineer to design and install your system that will probably have no flair for aesthetics while you can hire a licensed and certified landcape designer/contractor...


Aquascape RainXchange System Design




(Scottsdale, Arizona) –  JSL Landscape, serving both Scottsdale/Phoenix as well as Sedona/Verde Valley, has recently completed the application process and has been awarded the distinction of Certified RainXchange™ Professional (CRP) by Aquascape, Inc. This new rainwater harvesting professional certification program was newly implemented in June, 2009.

Certified RainXchange™ Professionals are the most qualified and informed RainXchange™ rainwater harvesting system installers in the water gardening industry. All CRPs are required to attend continual training and education seminars and maintain a proven record of outstanding work and dedicated customer service. In order to become a Certified RainXchange™ Professional, you must complete an in-depth application that includes referrals and an extensive knowledge base of rainwater harvesting and Aquascape’s RainXchange™ System. All applicants must pass a test before receiving official certification. 



Aquascape, Inc. of St. Charles, IL is North America’s leading innovator in the water gardening industry and the inventor of the low-maintenance, naturally balanced ecosystem pond.   Aquascape is committed to helping its customers succeed at building, selling and retailing water features while supplying innovative products and solutions that capture, clean and reuse the planet’s most vital resource … water.    


“Certified RainXchange™ Professionals demonstrate their concern for the environment by installing sustainable landscapes,” Greg Wittstock, CEO and owner of Aquascape, Inc. said. “It’s good to know that there are a group of professionals out there dedicated to smart use of water.”  


When a customer chooses a Certified RainXchange™ Professional, they can feel comfortable knowing that they are receiving the most qualified contractor to implement the RainXchange™ System which pairs a sub-surface rainwater harvesting system with a decorative water feature.  


JSL Landscape is now available for rainwater harvesting consultations and water feature installations.


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