Based on our meeting and the picture of the pool you liked, I created an asymetrical, flowing lines contemorary pool design. It includes a sun shelf, deep end, raised lounge chair deck and the waterfeature is a series of three sheer descents which would be about 18" above the lounge height so about 36" above the waterline. Behind the sheer descents is a fire trough. On each side of the fire trough, there are seatwalls that provide casual seating.

 The open beam patio cover on the left side of the pool is placed there to provide shade and is best oriented and that side because of the sun's rays from south - west. A patio cover on the east or north side of the pool would not provide shade underneath except in the middle of the summer at 12:00 noon give or take a month or so.  The patio cover also provides another spot for table chairs that is not under the solid cover and gets you closer to the water and adjacent synthetic turf area.

The BBQ island is placed just outside the covered patio with east facing grill and bar seating.

The area behind the pool would be built up using excavated pool dirt. Note the contour lines. Since that area has the built up fire trough and seatwalls, the pool equipment could be easily hidden behind, but still have a screenwall around it, so you dont see it when on the lounging deck.

The strolling path is shown schemtically. New trees are also shown. Open circles are existing trees and shrubs. I do not address plantings until the hardscape is agreed upon.

So the next step is to review the layout, how it feels, the use areas we discussed. Then we can discuss the materials further, ie. paver style and pattern, pool coping, patio cover details, etc. 


preliminary 2-12



On the preliminary, I have shown the use of pavers for the main patio areas. Using this Arbel stone pattern, which mimics irregular flagstone, goes well with all the curves since there are no straight lines. As you can see on the 3 pictures below, there are different ways to treat the edges from a naturalistic look to a more defined, formal look.  However, where the pavers meet the edge of the pool, the pool coping material would look similar to the formal Urbana stone edge in the 3rd picture below although Urbana pavers are not intended as a pool coping, so another material that would blend is needed -- I am suggesting the Artistic Pavers coping such as the type shown below.


arbel pavers with smooth cut edge


arbel pavers with Urbana border

To see some other kinds of pavers, go to this page on my website



 artistic pavers


 Parasoliel is a shade option that is worth checking out click here for the brochure

 We also discussed sail shades



 The waterfeature and fire trough would be similar to the picture below although it would be curved.  The waterfalls are called Sheer Descents made by Jandy. you can see the different widths and arcs, rain, vs. smooth, etc. by searching for "sheer descent waterfalls" on a Google image search. You can also get fiber optic lighting for these sheer descents as well, which is what we did on the pool picture on the home page of my website.



The preliminary design shows the use of the Arbel Pavers with synthetic turf cut into between the irregular pieces to give it a more naturalistic look similar to flagstone cut into grass. The Arbel pavers can be modified to create different edges while still providing a flat surface if you wanted to place a chair or table. This paver/turf blend can encroach a bit into the covered patio area to break up the 50' foot straight edge. The pool coping would provide a clean edge if the synthetic turf was used as shown in the preliminary plan.

this is synthetic turf

Above picture is synthetic turf, but with a more formal paver inlay. It all depends on the kind of pavers you use that dictates how to inlay them into the turf.


End of online presentation for now .......

 I like to have my clients review everything without me "presenting" it so there is no pressure to respond to the always present underlying question, "so what do you think?"  Let me know when you are available to have a conference call and we can discuss the preliminary further. Let me know if you would like a black and white version of the preliminary so you can print it out 24 x 36 (take the file on a thumb drive to Kinkos and have them make a large format print) to study it away from a computer screen. Warning, I do not recommend printing the preliminary using ink jet printer because of the black background.